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June 30, 2020

It was another rainy night and a muddy drive our of our campsite. We followed the Gros Ventre river back down into the valley into the national park. From there we headed south to Jackson, WY. Once in Jackson we parked near the town square. The rain continued off and on through out the day. It even started hailing while we were walking around the town. Jackson is like most other tourist towns, expensive and crowded. It reminds me of a combination of Moab and Park City. We walked around and looked in some of the shops, but didn’t buy anything. There were a lot of people around, but most were wearing masks. All the building required masks for anyone who entered.

After leaving Jackson we drove southwest along the river. It is a beautiful area in the forest with the Snake river running through the valley. At the Alpine junction we turned south and started looking for a campsite. We drove around the south end of Palisades reservoir to look for a campsite. Once we turned off the highway the road was normally dirt, but today was mud. It wasn’t too bad for the first 2 miles, but after that it was quite wet and muddy. We drove about 10 miles along the road, but all the good camping spots were full. It was mostly filled with trailers that had been dropped off, probably for the weekend. The lake level must have risen, because at one camp, a trailer was parked alongside the lake, but the lakeside tires were in the water and if it rose much higher, they may not be able to get the trailer out.

After driving down the road 10 miles, we decided to head back to the highway and look somewhere else. About 5 miles further south we found a spot on the banks of the Salt River. It was a nice flat gravel spot. We set up camp for the night and ate dinner. As we finished dinner the wind and rain kicked up and we had quite a storm for about an hour. It calmed down at about 9 pm and was nice night.

July 1, 2020

We had a wet rainy night, but the morning was clear blue skies. We took our time leaving camp, so the van top could dry up before lowering the top. We left camp at 10 am and drove south on the highway through Etna, Freedom and Thayne. We headed west through Freedom into Idaho and over the mountain to Soda Springs.

We stopped in Soda Springs to view the Soda Springs Geyser. This geyser was formed in the 1930s when the town attempted to find a source of warm water for the town swimming pool. At 315 feet deep they unleashed the extreme pressure of a carbon dioxide geyser. This geyser will shoot over 100 feet high and is now on a timer so it will erupt for 5 minutes, every hour on the hour. This is the world’s only captive geyser.

After watching the geyser and eating lunch we continued west to Lava Hot Springs. We parked at the town park and walked to the hot pools and spent a couple of hours soaking in the various hot pools. After showering we walked into town and along the river. Around 6 pm we drove out of town and found a camping spot on the Portneuf River for the night. Tomorrow we will drive home.

Trip Specs

10 nights camping

1300 miles

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