June 28, 2020

Today was Sunday so we took it easy. We woke up later than normal and took our time getting ready. It was a rainy night and rained off and on all day long. After breakfast we lowered the top and left the campground. We drove south on the highway out of Yellowstone. We did make a few stops for pictures, but it was raining again, so the stops were short.

We drove out of Yellowstone and into Grand Teton National Park. We stopped at Coulter Bay Visitors Center, hoping for cell phone access, but there wasn’t much of a signal. It rained all day long and the forecast was for rain/snow the next 3 days. We decided to find our campsite early so we headed east into Buffalo Valley. We found a camp spot above the Buffalo River. Around 3 pm it stopped raining and the sun came out for a few hours so we set up the shower tent and took showers. The rain returned in the evening and continued all night long. I think we will have to return to Grand Teton another time when the weather is better.

June 29, 2020

We took our time getting up in the morning, but finally broke camp and drove back into the park. We made our way to Jenny Lake. This is a beautiful area with the lake against the mountains. However, with the rain and clouds, we couldn’t see the mountains. We put on our rain jackets and walked around the area, but the rain never stopped and the clouded blocked the views. After lunch in the parking lot, we decide to go find a camp. Before leaving the park we stopped at Mormon Row. This was a farming settlement that the Mormons started in the 1890s. There were several houses and barns available to look out. When the skies are clear, there is a beautiful view of the Teton mountains across the flat plains. 

From the park we drove east to a canyon above Kelly, WY. We found a camping spot on the Gros Ventre river to spend the night. It was still early in the day, but kept raining all day and night, so we stayed in the van, napping and reading. Later in the evening we watched a movie.

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