June 27, 2020

We left camp early, around 6 am, so we could avoid the crowds at Old Faithful. It was about a 40 minute drive from Bridge Bay campground to the Old Faithful area. It was a good choice to leave early. The next Old Faithful geyser prediction was about 20 minutes after we arrived. There were a lot of people there, but not as crowded as later in the day.

We had a great seat to watch the eruption, that was only a couple of minutes after the predicted time. Old Faithful is the most predictable large geyser, but is not the largest geyser. After taking pictures and videos we went back to the van and raised the top to prepare and eat breakfast. That is one of the benefits of the van, we have everything we need with us all the time.

We hung around the van for a while before going to the general store to look for bread and cereal, but prices were too high. At that point it was time for another Old Faithful eruption, so we walked over to the boardwalk that circles the geyser. This time the place was packed. People were lined up 10 deep in the main viewing area. We found a spot over on the side that was near the trail we wanted to hike on. For this eruption, Old Faithful wasn’t faithful. It was about 20 minutes late, but was still worth watching.

We then hiked through the Upper Geyser Basin. There are many geysers and boiling pools with the Firehole River running through the area. Our first stop was Grand Geyser. This is another large geyser that we liked better than Old Faithful. You are able to sit much closer to the action, there were not many people there, and the eruption lasts for 20-30 minutes. It was really fun to be close and watch this eruption.

We continued through the upper basin and saw other small eruptions and some beautiful pools. The Morning Glory Pool was very deep blue color with a red rim. It was very pretty.

After getting back to the van I tried to update the blog, but the cell reception was never good enough to even upload a single picture. At this point the main area around the lodge and building were packed. It reminded me of Disneyland with all the people and cars.

We soon left and drove north to the Black Sand Basin. This was another geyser basin with a few geysers and pools. We then headed to our new campsite at Grant’s Village campground, about 25 minutes from Old Faithful. We checked in and were setup at camp by 5:00 pm. We had a dinner of leftovers and then went for a 2 mile hike down by the lake. We ended the night playing games and reading.

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