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Copper Canyon, Mexico 2021

This is the report on our 3 week expedition to explore the Barrancas del Cobre (Copper Canyon) area in Mexico.

Our plan is to meet the traveling group in Douglas AZ on April 25 and cross the border early Monday morning. We will explore the Copper Canyon area the the states of Chihuahua and Sonora and hopefully ride “El Chepe”, the train that descends into Copper Canyon and travels between Creel and El Fuerte. Copper Canyon is the “Grand Canyon” of Mexico, as deep as the Grand Canyon, but 4 times as long.

We will drive many 4×4 trails and experience many new places. We will visit the Tarahumara villages in the canyon bottom and partake of their culture.

From Home to the Border

Into Mexico

Pottery of Mata Ortiz

When Will You Ever Be on This Trail Again?

More Caves and a Shower

Exploring Canyons, Cartels and Creel

Riding El Chepe

A Trip to Batopilas

Up and Down Another Mountain

A Long Drive to Cerocahui

We Drive Deeper into Copper Canyon

Driving to the Coast

Our Last Day in Mexico

Heading for Home

North Rim of the Grand Canyon

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