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Sept 14, 2020

We got a late start leaving from home, but were out of the house around 10 am. The first day was all driving as we traveled on I-80 out of Utah and through Evanston, WY. A few miles past Evanston we turn north on the highway 189 and continued through Kemmerer, WY, the site of the first J.C. Penny’s. 

We continued further north to Granite Creek Canyon. The gravel road up the canyon is about 10 miles long, but we found a campsite 5 miles up the road on the banks of Granite Creek. It was a warm evening, so we hiked around the area before dinner. Eva made chicken fajitas for dinner. After eating, the sun set and it turned cold, so we played cards in the van and watched a movie.

The sky was clear and cold at night. It was 29 degrees that night and we were a little cold in the van. I will need to run the heater at night, if it stays this cold. 

The next morning the sun came up early, but since the skies were so smoky from the wildfires, it took a while for the sun to warm us up. We ate a late breakfast then continued up the canyon following the creek to the hot springs. The pool opened at 10 am and we were the second car in the parking lot. From the parking lot you had to walk up the road 1/4 mile to the hot springs pool.

The pool was built by the CCC in the 1930’s and is managed by the Forest Service. It was $8 to use the pool, but it was a nice concrete pool that had beautiful views of the mountains. We stayed in the pool until noon and then walked back to the van and changed clothes.

From the hot springs we went back down the canyon a half mile to the Granite Creek Waterfall. It was a pretty water fall with several other hot pools across the creek.

We continued down the canyon and stopped for lunch just before getting back on the highway. After eating we continued to Jackson, WY. There were several construction zones on the highway so it was a slow trip. At one construction stop we saw a herd of big horn sheep near the Hoback River. We stopped and walked back up the highway to get some pictures. They were across the river, so it was difficult to get a good picture.

Once we made it to Jackson, we gassed up the van at Smiths. There was more construction in town and the roads were packed. We slowly made our way through town and then headed north toward Grand Teton National Park. We had planned to stop and do some hiking in the park, but the skies were so smoky we decided not to stop.

When we were in Grand Teton in July, there were 3 days of solid rain, so we didn’t get to see the Teton peaks or do any hikes. This trip it was the smoke that caused the problem, but we could faintly see the Teton peaks. We drove through the park and found a camping spot in the national forest just east of the park.

We had nice private spot in the woods and Eva made a good InstaPot meal for dinner. Like most nights, once the sun went down it turned cold so we played cards in the van.

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