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June 22, 2020

We left on our trip to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks on Monday afternoon. We needed to tend Rosie while Kayla went to a meeting, so we didn’t get out of the house until about 3:30 pm. The drive north on I-15 was a little crowded, but not too bad.

As we drove north it was interesting to again see how green Idaho is. As we got near the border the fields, hills and mountains all turned different shades of green. It was pretty to see. We continued north to Lava Hot Springs and camped about 2 miles north of town on the Portnuef River. It was a nice campsite. The railroad tracks were only about 100 yards away from us so it was a little noisy when they trains passed, but I think we only say 3-4 trains, and none were in the night.

June 23, 2020

We had planned to soak in the hot pools at Lava Hot Springs, but we decided to save that for the trip home. We drove back to I-15 and headed north to Blackfoot where we stopped at the Idaho Potato Museum. It was pretty interesting and I am glad we spent 1-1/2 hours there. The only disappointment was we spent $2 for some homemade potato chip and they were terrible. Greasy, cold and tasted bad.

We continued north and stopped in Idaho Falls for gas and to eat lunch on the banks of the Snake River Falls. We actually spent about 3 hours in town as Eva was on the phone with Southwest Airlines trying to schedule her flight to Texas in October. It was difficult because she had several credits from earlier in the year when her flight was canceled.

In the town of Ashton we left the highway and drove up into the mountains. Our first stop was Lower Mesa Falls. We viewed the falls from an overlook, as they were down in a canyon. The falls were were on the Henry’s Fork River. After some time at the overlook, we continued down the road a couple of miles to the Upper Mesa Falls.

These falls were much higher and we were able to walk down close to the falls. The upper falls are 114’ high and are pretty much a straight drop off. We took pictures and videos of the falls and hiked around the area.

After leaving the falls drove back to the main highway and continued north through Island Park to Big Springs. This spring is the headwaters of the Henry’s Fork River. The spring discharged 120 million gallons of water each day, so the river is pretty big right from the start. The water is crystal clear and has some huge trout that collect under the bridge. They are huge because they are well fed from people throwing bread off the bridge. Fishing isn’t allowed so they just get bigger and bigger.

We camped about 15 miles from West Yellowstone in the mountains near the Henry’s Lake. It was a calm and beautiful night. We took showers and then enjoyed the evening.

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