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June 10, 2020

We woke up early so we could hit the hot springs one more time in the cool of the morning. However, we had left our towel and swimsuits outside to dry and it ended up raining hard during the night. I didn’t even hear the rain, but Eva did.

The sun was just coming up and the sky was clear and blue, so I put the suits in the sun and by the time we ate breakfast everything was dry. We hiked to the springs and we were the only ones there for about an hour. It was another nice morning soaking in the hot water.

We left camp at noon and drove highway 21 to Idaho City. The highway over the mountain has the be the windiest road I have ever been on. There are many hairpin turns that take you up and over the mountain. I would hate to pull a big trailer on this road.

We stopped for lunch at the visitor’s center in Idaho City. We were still about an hour drive from Boise, but since the camping prospects were very good near Boise, we decided to continue down the canyon about 10 miles to a nice dispersed camping spot a few miles off the road. We set up camp and also took showers. The rest of the evening we hung around camp and did a short hike. It was the first warm evening for about a week, so we stayed outside until dark.

June 11, 2020


After leaving camp we drove down the mountains into Boise. Our first stop was the Old Idaho State Prison. It is now a museum, but due to Covid, it was closed. We went there to hike on some of the Boise trails. We did a short, but steep hike to a cliff area that gives an overlook of Boise.

We then continued to downtown Boise, stopping at Freak Alley. An alley with lots of pictures painted on the walls.

On our way out of Boise we stopped at the Boise Temple for a picture.

About 15 miles south of Boise is the Kuna Cave. It is a large lava tube that his 1000’ long. The beginning is just a 15’ diameter hole in the flat desert. You have to climb down a 50’ steel ladder, but once at the bottom the cavern has a flat floor, so it is pretty easy to explore. The walls of the cavern are covered with layers of graffiti, probably from many years of kids painting on the walls.

The Alien Has Landed

Once we finished at the cave, we were officially on our way home. We headed east on I84, back through Twin Falls and then camped our last night at McClendon Springs, the same site as our first night. It was just the right distance from home.

Tomorrow we will leave early so we can stop and pick up Kayla and Rosie and still make it home by noon.

Trip Stats

10 nights

1550 miles

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