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June 24, 2020

In the morning we drove into West Yellowstone and gassed up the van. We also went to the Museum of Yellowstone. The museum was in the old Union Pacific Railroad Depot. Much of the museum was based around the changing methods of transportation to and in the national park. It was very interesting and well worth the visit. We also did a bit of shopping in town.

We entered the park around 1 pm and quickly found a lunch spot on the banks of the Madison River. After lunch we continued on the road towards the Madison Junction. Just after the junction we turned west and drove the Firehole Canyon Drive. This was a beautiful canyon the followed the Firehole River. There was a large waterfall and a warm water swimming hole, but the rangers closed the swimming hole due to COVID-19.

On the way towards the Old Faithful area we stopped at the Lower Geyser Basin, the Firehole Lake Drive and the Midway Geyser Basin. Near Firehole Lake we were lucky enough to video a good eruption for 10-15 minutes. Just past the Midway Geyser Basin we hiked up to the Prismatic Springs Overlook and had a good view of the colorful pool.

After our hike it was about 5 pm so we headed towards camp. It was about an hour drive to Bridger Bay Campground. The campground was huge with 468 sites. Our site was over a mile from the entrance station, but was pretty nice, with a lot of open space around us. However, it was a campground with generators and screaming kids. It was quite a change from our last two campgrounds. We had chicken linguine for dinner and sat around the campsite for the night. It was a warm night, but started to rain early in the morning.

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