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Feb 18, 2020

We were up early and left camp around 7:30 am. Just a few miles north towards Mexicali we stopped at Mi Ranchitos for a couple of menchaca burritos for breakfast. We continued up the highway until we were just south of Mexicali. From there we turned east on highway 4. This took us away from Mexicali towards San Luis Rio Colorado. We decided to cross there, rather than Mexicali, thinking it would be less crowded and we could get through easier.

Highway 4 took us to highway 40 where we separated from Kevin and Debra. They turned south on 40 towards Puerto Penasco where they will spend a few days. We turned north with Frenchie. It was only a few more miles to San Luis Rio Colorado. Once we passed through town we were able to get in the line for the border.

The line was shorter than expected, but we still waited in line for about 1-1/2 hours to get to the border. At the first entry point he kept asking me about my trip to China a few years ago. I think it is because of the Corona Virus issue that is going on now. We also mentioned that we had some chicken and carrots in the fridge. This was a bigger sin than being in China. He sent us to secondary inspection where they searched the van and made Eva and I wait in the building without our keys, phone or passports. At least in Mexico they let you stay with the car while they do the search. At the end of the search they had confiscated our chicken, turkey bacon, avocados, tomatoes and eggs. Since these were raw, and we had taken them out of the original packages, they were a risk for brining bacteria into the US. Overall it only took about 40 minutes and they explained why they had to take each of the items.

Since Frenchie sailed through the border, we had arranged to meet at the WalMart parking lot, about 2 miles up the highway. After our release we hurried and met up with Frenchie and said goodbye as he was heading east to is home near Albuquerque. It has been a pleasure to have such an experienced guide for our first trip to Baja. It was nice to just follow him through the country without having to worry too much about where we were going. He also had an extensive knowledge of Baja’s history, culture and geography. We had a good time with him and his stories.

We went into Walmart to replace our confiscated food, and also call the kids and let them know we were in the US. We then headed north to Yuma and found a campsite near a lake on the northeast side of Yuma. It is amazing to see the many square miles of farm land around Yuma. There are so many vegetables that were being grown and harvested. I could not guess how may thousands of acres of food are grown in the area. They were harvesting Romaine Lettuce and cauliflower and it was interesting to see the harvest process and the many fields that had been harvested.

We were surprised to see how many campers were in the area. It looks like a lot of snowbirds and maybe some farm workers living in RVs. We finally found a private spot above the lake. We both took showers and then enjoyed the evening.

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