Feb 15, 2020

We called the beach at Papa Fernandez Mark Twain Beach because of the rock formation at the south end of the beach that looks like Mark Twain. Today we hiked to both ends of the beach. On the south end I climbed a sand dune to the top of the cliff that saw the bay to the south. It was a very calm bay and I think I saw a whale swimming out of the bay. It was 3/4 of the way across the bay, but it was very large and I think I heard it snorting. On the north end of the beach, Kevin and I walked on the rocks around the point to the next bay. It had an old, closed restaurant and an abandon trailer. It would also be a nice place to camp.

Later in the day we set up the solar shower off the back of the van so we could both shower. It worked pretty good, except the breeze was a little cold. Together we used a little over 2 gallons of water. Another half gallon would have been nice. It was one of the best weather days we have had. It was warm and sunny, with only a little breeze. It did get cool as the sun went down, but it was still one of the warmest nights we have had. Now we are in Baja North we are back in the Pacific time zone. Also being on the east coast the sun sets around 6 pm and comes up at 6 am. So we are in bed early and up early.

Feb 16-17, 2020

We spent the next two nights at Papa Fernandez. The days were warm and there was no wind, so the days were perfect. The nights were warm enough that we didn’t need the furnace in the morning to warm the van. The only downside was the shrimp boats. They would arrive in the bay at sundown and then would cruise back and forth all night long. They were not too loud, but enough that you could hear them. In the mornings they would stop and float in the bay as the finished their work. We would watch the birds and sea lions circle the boats looking for the waste that they would through off the boat.

We left Papa Fernandez campground on Monday. It looked like another good day, but it was time to head further north. We drove highway 5 north. There were still several washed out bridges that had not been repaired from the hurricane that hit the area 18 months ago. When you arrived at the washed out spots, they had a bypass through the arroyo. I think there were only 5-6 spots we had to bypass. They had already repaired many more bridges.

We stopped in San Felipe for lunch and a little shopping on the waterfront. I had garlic shrimp and Eva had chicken enchiladas. We also bought a few things for the grandkids. We were only in San Felipe a couple of hours. As we head north the area becomes more tourist oriented and more commercialized. We found a camping spot in the desert just south of Mexicali. It was not a great spot, but good enough for the night. We heard coyotes howling through the night. Tomorrow we will head to the border.

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