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Jan 23, 2020

This morning after getting up we all decided to move to another place where the winds may not be as strong. The wind blew all night and the water was full of whitecaps from the winds. After getting camp packed up we drove back to the north to the bays that were on the west side of Bahia Concepcion. We finally decided upon Playa Santispac, just about 15 miles south of Mulegé. There was a campground that was in a protected bay so the water was very calm and the wind only kicked up in the afternoon, but calm later in the day. However, it was a campground where we parked 10 feet apart along the beach. The cost was $200 peso/day or about $11. Later in the afternoon we took a shower out of a bucket that we filled with warm water from the van. We also set up the kayak and paddled out past the sailboats that were anchored in the bay.

All the campgrounds along the bay have vendors that come through to sell stuff to the campers. They will deliver fish, vegetables, fruit, banana bread or what ever you want. They also sell shirts, blankets and all kinds of things. It all seems a little bit expensive, it seems that Mexico is not a cheap place to go. In the campground are several large motorhomes and 5th wheels that spend months at a time. They have vendors that will deliver water and drain their tanks so they never have to move their camper while they stay at the campground. About 80% of the foreigners we meet are from Canada. They come south for months at a time.

That evening we all ate at the restaurant that was in the campground. Eva had beef tacos and I had grilled shrimp. The night was real calm and we had a beautiful night where we could see the stars. Pretty much everywhere in Baja has dark skies so you can see the Milky Way and all the other stars.

Jan 24, 2020

We got up earlier than usual so we could go kayaking while the water was calm. We paddled out around an island that was about 1 mile from shore. There were a lot of pelicans and gulls that lived on the island. There were also a lot of fish and other sea life near the island. We also found a starfish on a rock near the island. We watched the pelican dive in and catch fish and swallow them down their skinny throats. The water was very clear and not too cold.

We kayaked for a few hours and then around 11:30 am we drove back into Mulege to wash our laundry. We stopped at Camila’s laundromat and did 3 loads. While the wash was in we ate lunch in the van and shared some ice cream from the shop that was next door. We also walked to a mercado and bought a few groceries. Many of the shops were closed for siesta so there was not a lot of places to go. Eva called her dad and we FaceTime with all the kids. Talked to everyone but Everett, as he was down for a nap.

We were back at camp around 4:30 pm and just hung around camp for the evening.

Jan 25, 2020

We were up and eating breakfast on the beach around 8:30 am and we saw a large pod of dolphins surfacing around the island. So we quickly finished breakfast and paddled the kayak towards the island. However, by the time we got to the spot where the dolphins were, they were twice as far away. We kept paddling, but we could not get close to them. We did see a small motorboat that got in the middle of where they were playing, and stay there for a while, but we were not that lucky. There were a lot of other kayaks out there chasing the dolphins also. We stayed near the island and watched the pelicans diving for fish and looked for fish ourselves. We saw a lot more sea life that morning. There were a lot of colorful fish and we saw several stingrays. The stingrays were about 18-20 inches in diameter.

The rest of the day was sitting in the sun or shade and watching the water. For lunch Tino had bought a bag of jumbo shrimp from a vendor, so he cooked them up in garlic and butter. They were pretty good. Eva even ate 1/4 of one. After our afternoon siesta we walked over to the restaurant to get a drink and use the WIFI. The WIFI connected good, but the internet was too slow to do anything, so I was unable to update the blog. After a while everyone was over at the restaurant so we decided to eat dinner. Eva had tostadas and I had a chicken quesadilla.

The next day we decided to get out early and try to see the dolphins, so we left shore at 7:30 am, just as the sun was rising. But no dolphins that day, but we did see a lot of fish and stingrays. After 3 days at Santispac, we decided to move further south down the coast to Loreto.

It was about a 40 mile drive to Loreto. About halfway there we came upon an accident, but it was not too bad, so after confirming everyone was alright, we continued to Loreto. Given the road conditions and the way everyone drives, I am surprised we don’t see and accident every 10 miles.

Just before Loreto someone suggested to drive to the ruins of San Bruno, a 16th century Spanish mission. It was only occupied for a few years, until they built the mission in Loreto, where there was better fresh water. We turned off the highway in a wash and followed the dirt road for about 5-6 miles. The road was not too difficult, but the branches and brush made it a narrow road with little clearance for our big van. The upper half of the van was scratched and scraped by the branches and leaves. We finally made it to the end of the road, and then we had to hike 1/4 mile through the brush to the top of a hill where the ruins were. There was not much left after 400 years except the walls that were a foot or two high. After looking around we drove back to the main highway. Our little detour took us about 3-1/2 hours so we did not get into Loreto until after 5 pm.

Jim and Gail had skipped our side trip, so they saved us the last 6 spots at Rivera del Mar Campground. It was a pretty nice place with nice hot showers. After showering Eva and I walked downtown with Jeff and Wendy to eat dinner at one of the local restaurants. It was pretty good, we made it back to camp at 9 pm.

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