Jun 26, 2013

This morning we got up and everyone showered. It was a windy day, but it was sunny and warm. We dumped the RV tanks at the Seward city dump and then drove 20 minutes to Exit Glacier. We had scheduled the 10:00 am Ranger tour. The tour was a 1-1/2 hour. The ranger did a good job telling about the glacier and the area. We hiked up the mountain to the glacier. It is amazing the colors of the ice and the tunnels and cracks through the ice.

After the glacier tour we started driving back towards Anchorage. We stopped at Tern Lake to eat lunch. It was better weather, but it was raining off and on.

After lunch we continued to drive towards Denali. We stopped at Bird Point, on Turnagin Bay but it was too windy to stay long. The tide was going out and it looked like a river running out. Today was supposed to be one of the bigger bore tides, but it would not happen for several hours, so we did not wait.

We drove through Anchorage and on to Wasilla. In Wasilla we stopped at the Iditirod World Headquarters. It was a little interesting but we only stayed for an hour. We gas up the motor home before leaving Wasilla.

We drove north on the highway looking for a store to buy groceries, but could not find one. We stopped at a small gas station, but the food was too expensive, so we kept driving.

We finally found a larger store all by itself on the road. It was called Cubby’s IGA. The prices were still expensive but we still spent over $100 to hopefully buy enough food to last the rest of the trip.

We kept driving north until about 9:00 pm. We stopped to camp at Denali State Park at Beyers Lake campground. It was a very nice campground, but the mosquitos were the worst we had seen. To go out and cook some burgers I got fully suited up with long pants, a jacket, gloves and my head net. And I still sprayed on repellent. And I still got bit by the bugs. We were warned that the mosquitoes were very bad this year, and the warnings were correct. By the time we cooked and ate dinner it was pretty late, so we went to bed after dinner.

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