Jun 27, 2013

We slept in this morning and we all showered in the motor home so we left the campground a little late. We still had to drive 2 hours to get to Denali.

We arrived at Denali National Park entrance after noon. We watched a video in the visitor’s center and then watched the sled dog demo.

Hannah wasn’t feeling well so she and Eva went back to the motor home. It was still too early to check into the campground so Zac and I went to the visitor’s center and the gift shop. We spent the a few hours in that area. It was finally time to check in, so we went and dumped the tanks and checked into our campground in the Riley Creek campground. We went to bed early because of the mosquitoes and also since we need to get up early tomorrow for our bus tour.

Jun 28, 2013

This morning we got up at 5:00 am to get ready for our shuttle bus tour. The bus left the bus stop at 5:45 am, and you had to be on time. The bus tour was pretty good. The tour we chose was the all day tour that took us on 92 miles of dirt road. There were several stops on the road to look at the beautiful views or the wildlife. We saw a sow grizzly and two cubs with in the first hour or two.

A little while later we saw another grizzly up on a hill, and then an hour after that we saw 2 more grizzlies off the road a ways. We also saw Doll sheep, caribou and a moose. Hannah has been keeping track of what wildlife we see in Alaska and here is the list. Lots of sea otters, sea lion, porpoises, 2 moose, one wolf, 6 grizzlies, about 10 caribou, 4-5 bald eagles and maybe some more.

The road ended at Wonder Lake and we ate lunch near the lake. We didn’t stay long because the mosquitoes were very bad there. After eating lunch, the tour bus turned around and started the ride back to the visitors center.

We never got to see Mt McKinley. It was overcast and smoky on the way out, and on the way back the clouds really closed in. We were at the Eliason Visitor’s Center and we watched a cloud come in and cover us and leave visibility at zero. The ride back was rainy and everyone was tired, but we did see a few caribou.

We got back to the campground about 6:30 pm and it started raining. We ate dinner in the RV and then stayed inside the rest of the evening.

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