Jun 29, 2013

We got up, but not too early, and we all showered in the RV. We left Denali at around 10:00 am, but we did not get to Fairbanks until 1:30 pm. There was a delay for construction, and then we stopped in Nenana to see were the church was located. We planned on stopping there on the way back south. Between Nenara and Fairbanks they stopped traffic and we followed a pilot car through the smoke that was caused by the wildfires.

At Fairbanks we went to Gold Dredge #8. This was north of Fairbanks a few miles. It was in a location where the entire countryside was dredged up for gold. I was a little worried about the cost ($40), but it was worth it. There was an old dredge that was left from the gold rush era.

There was a tour trolley that carried us around the area. They also talked about the Alaskan Pipeline, along with the gold mining in the area. The last stop was a covered pavilion where they had long troughs that were filled with water. We were given instructions in panning and then given a pan and a bag of sand and gravel that was salted with gold. We all panned our bag of gravel and found gold. After I was done with my bag, i scooped some sand from the bottom of the trough and found more gold that others had missed. After collecting our gold flakes we took our treasures to the assay office for weighing. Mine was $49 worth, Eva $33, Hannah $7 and Zac was $12. They didn’t pay us, but we were able to keep our gold.

We filled the RV with gas and then went to Pioneer Park. It was an old theme park that used to be called Alaskaland. But it did not make it as an a theme park, but they still let you camp there and walk through the old buildings. It was good for about an hour. The fires in the area were so back that the smoke just filled the air. It was also a very hot day, so we decided to go to a movie. We watched World War Z in 3D. It was pretty good.

After the movie we went back to Fred Meyers and got a few more souvenirs. We finally drove to Pioneer Park were we had paid $15 to camp in the parking lot. This was the furthest north that we camped and the sun was up until late in the night. We took a picture of us outside the motor home a little after midnight and it was bright enough for the picture without a flash.

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