Jun 25, 2013

This morning we were up early for our kayaking trip. Before we left camp we called Alyssa to wish her a Happy Birthday.

We had an all-day kayaking trip from Miller’s Landing on Powell Point to Caines Head State Park. We paddled about 4.2 miles out, and then hiked 2 miles to a WW2 fort/bunker at the top of a mountain. We ate lunch at the bunder and then hiked back down. At the beach there were a group of Young Women starting Girls Camp. Eva talked to the leader, but she didn’t get where they were from in Alaska. Our tour guide was Alex from Serbia. He has only been guiding for 2 months, but he says he does a tour every day. He seemed a little inexperienced, but we made it out and back safe.

There were 2 other couples with us. One was from Miami, the other from El Paso. Hannah and I were in one kayak, and Eva and Zac in the other. It was a fun day. We left around 9:00 am and were back by 4:00 pm. The bay was very calm, and that made it more fun. It was surprising to me how much the tide changed the water line. The tide came in while we were hiking and the water line came up 50 feet up the beach.

After getting back to camp, we walked down to the harbor and watched the fishermen come in and weigh and clean their catch.

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