Last night’s camp was a great location. It was very quiet and we got a good night sleep.

In the morning we ate breakfast. I had oatmeal that I cooked in the microwave and Eva ate cereal.

It was about a 15 minutes drive to the visitor’s center at Lassen Volcanic National Park. Our first stop in the morning was at the visitor’s center. They had WIFI there, so I wanted to upload the last 3 blog posts. However, the internet was so slow that I had to resize all the pictures in the posts and re-upload. This took us over an hour to complete. So when we finally finished, we went out to explore the park.

Eva at the visitors center

Lassen Volcanic National Park was founded in 1916, after Mount Lassen erupted in 1914. There is a scenic drive that takes you through the west side of the park to see the thermally active areas and other lakes and waterfalls.

Sulfur Vents

We stopped on the road at a few sites and then around noon we started a 5.2 mile hike to the Bumpass Hell area. This area was named after Mr. Bumpass after he broke through the thin earth crust and dropped both legs into a boiling hot mud pot. It was a pretty easy hike. It starts with a wide path through the forest. The Northern California forests is mostly Pondarosa Pines that grow very tall and straight. They are usually covered with green moss and there are a lot of ferns growing on the forest floor. As we got closer to the end of the hike, it did get a little steep as you climb up to the volcanic basin where there are the mud pots and steam vents. They have a boardwalk so you can safely walk in the area.

Eva at Cold Boiling Lake

Bumpass Hell Area

We ate lunch at the rim of the bowl and then walked through the area. Overall it was about a 3 hour hike for us.

After the hike we continued on the scenic drive and stopped at a few of the areas affected by the 1914 volcano eruption. We left the park around 5:00 pm and found a camping spot in the forest outside the park. We just drove along a fire road a couple of miles until we found somewhere nice to camp. After setting up, Eva hunted for pine cones and I mounted the ax and shovel set, that I won, on the back of the van.

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