We got up early and showered and got ready for church. The ward in South Lake Tahoe is pretty small and it was a small building. There was not much parking so we went early to make sure we could get our big van in the parking lot, but we ended up parking on the street. There was a missionary homecoming so there was a big group (200?). The missionary liked to talk. He was the only speaker and went 20 minutes over.

After church we changed and started heading north along the west side of Lake Tahoe. The road weaves up and down and back and forth along the shore line and sometimes high above the shoreline. It is very beautiful, and Eva was able to enjoy it. I was too busy trying to stay on the road and avoid all the traffic and bikers.

We were heading north along CA89 to Lassen Volcanic National Park. It was about 200 miles and we wanted to camp close so we could get an early start in the park in the morning.

The drive north was very pretty. It would alternate between deep forested areas where you went over the mountain passes (4-5000’) and then drop into big grassy valleys with ranches and farms (at about 3-4000’) and a couple of small towns. It was a pleasant drive with a nice road that was not too steep.

A few miles from the park we found a forest road that cut off the main highway. We followed it about a mile into a deep canyon that was filled with trees. We found a nice camping spot next to a little creek.

After setting up camp, Eva used the Instant Pot to make another delicious dinner.

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