June 7, 2020

The morning was cool and rainy so we were late getting up and leaving the campground. After breakfast the kids decided to head for home since it was raining. About 5 minutes after they left, we realized that Kayla had left her cheese curds, from Reeds Dairy, in our fridge, so we called them and they stopped at a gas station about 10 minutes away. We met them there to give them the curds and tell the grandkids goodbye again.

The weather today went from cool and rainy to flakes of snow and hail falling by the evening. Two days ago it was 93 degrees and sunny and now snow it falling.

We left Idaho Falls and drove east through the rolling hills and followed the Snake River. The valleys are full of farms and ranches with miles and miles of beautiful green fields. About 30 miles east of Idaho Falls we entered Swan Valley. This was a large valley with just a couple of large ranches. The Snake River winds its way through the valley.

We stopped for a while at Fall Creek Falls, a beautiful waterfall from a creek that feeds the Snake River. We had planned to camp in the area, but since it was wet and raining, we decide to drive back to the west. If we were going to be sitting in the van, we might as well be driving.

We drove back to the west through Idaho Falls and Arco. At Arco we turned north on highway 93 and drove up to Mackay. Just past Mackay we camped at a nice campsite on the river. The rain was off and on, so we didn’t spent much time outside. By the time we ate dinner, the snow and hail was falling, so we spent the evening in the van. Through the night I could hear the hail hitting the top of the van, but none of it stayed on the ground.

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