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June 6, 2020

It was a windy morning when we left the campsite and continued on to Idaho Falls. After arriving in Idaho Falls, we gassed up and called the kids. They had just passed us, so we continued north towards Rexburg, arriving at Yellowstone Bear World just after 10 am. The kids had arrived about 15-20 minutes before us.

Yellowstone Bear World has nothing to do with Yellowstone National Park. It is a private animal park with deer, elk, moose and bears, and some of them came from Yellowstone. The first attraction is the driving tour that takes about 15 minutes and takes you through the animals. There are two white elk that are pretty interesting. The bear section has grizzlies, browns and black bears. The grizzlies were in their own section and just paced back and forth, but in the brown and black bear section, the bears seemed pretty happy. In our morning drive, there was a lot of activity of the animals. Later in the day we drove around twice more and the animal activity was a lot less. They were lying in the shade or hiding somewhere.

The rest of the day we went through the petting zoo, the kids rides and the gift shop. We ate lunch at the park, but due to Covid, they would not provide any condiments, so the burgers were pretty dry. It’s funny the things that people are doing due to the Covid pandemic. We stayed at the park until 4 pm and then drove back to Idaho Falls.

Rosie Didn’t Like Me Helping

We all parked near the Snake river and walked along the river front. The kids played on the grass and we took pictures. After about 30 minutes the wind started blowing hard, so we went to Reeds Dairy to eat dinner. Eva and I had grilled cheese and ham sandwiches and ice cream. It started raining while we were eating and kept raining most of the night.

The kids had reserved cabins at the Snake River RV Park, so we checked in and spent the rest of the night in the cabins. Eva and I slept in the van while they stayed in the cabins. There was room in Kayla’s cabin, but I like sleeping in my own bed. It was a little noisy at night, but not too bad. The night was cool and it rained off and on through out the night.

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