Feb 10, 2020

Since we are on our way north, we didn’t do a lot of sight seeing. However, we had to stop in Santa Rosalia to visit the world famous panaderia (bakery). Panaderia de Boleo was founded in 1901 and is world famous, based on their sign. Frenchie stops in every time he passes through. We stopped and picked up some cinnamon rolls, pastries and a couple of flavors of empanadas.

From Santa Rosalia it was about 100 miles across the peninsula to San Ignacio and then another 30 miles to San Ignacio Lagoon. We camped at Antonio’s Ecotours Campground. It was a little more expensive than other campgrounds, ($10/person), but it was very nice and well maintained. They had a solar shower set up that was clean, roomy and had plenty of hot water.

The night we arrived it was raining and windy, but they have a restaurant where they said we could just sit at stay our of the windy. They also had strong WIFI and internet, as long as the sun was shining in the day. Everything is powered by solar panels and batteries. On the overcast days, if the batteries are not charged they will turn off the internet to save power. They did have internet that day, so we talked to the kids and I uploaded a blog post. We even had a little bit of a WIFI connection at the van, about 100 yards from the restaurant.

Feb 11, 2020

This morning was planned for whale watching. It was a bright and sunny day when we got out of the van. Only Eva was going on the ponga boat as my back would have hurt too much in the bouncing boat. The whale watching cost $55 USD for a 2 hour tour. The boat held about 12 people and there where other that came in from town for the tour.

The ponga boat sped out about 15 minutes from the shore to the area where the whales were. At that point the slowed down and looked for whales or other sea life. They saw about 20 whales in the area. They got close to some of them, but none of them spiked up out of the water. They did see water spouts and tails. There was also a pod of dolphins that passed in front of the boat. After a couple of hours the boat sped back to the camp. Frenchie classified this as an average day for seeing the whales. He has seen better, but also seen worst. It is really luck as to how good of a show you will see.

After the whales everyone showered and hung around camp resting. We are spending another night here before heading north again. We hope to eat some seafood in the restaurant tonight. It is another restaurant where you have to order in advance to see if they have enough to feed you.

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