Feb 2, 2020

The morning at Agua Verde was calm, but cloudy. We got the van ready to travel and then took a walk on the beach while the others packed up. This area of Agua Verde is very calm and quiet. The village is surrounded by mountains on three sides and the bay on the fourth side. It is a beautiful place. They said the tourist only come between December and April as the hurricane season starts after that. This has been my favorite place to stay.

We left camp at 10:30 am and drove back to highway 1. At that point we headed west towards the Pacific side of Baja. We stopped for lunch in Ciudad Insurgentes before continuing to Ciudad Constitución. They all wanted to get a hotel for the evening. We stayed at the Oasis Hotel. It was $28 USD for the night. It was pretty nice, but still a Mexican hotel. The shower was hot, which made it nice.

We first went to Leys for groceries and then stopped at the Purified Water store to get 5 gallons of water. We also filled the van with gas before driving back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel we noticed a festival in the town square, so after parking in the hotel courtyard, Eva and I walked back the town square. The festival was to celebrate the Oaxaca culture in Constitución for those from the state of Oaxaca on the Mexican mainland. They had booths, food and music playing. There were a lot of families out for the evening. We had some ice cream and a desert that was made from a biscuit filled with Nutella and cream. It was warm and very good. We have decided to try and experience some of the Baja culture through food. So we have ate out a lot more than we normally would. While we were at the festival we talked to all the kids and found out half of them were sick. So we decided to stay in Mexico until they are all better.

We walked back to the hotel in the dark and watched the last two minutes of the Super Bowl. The announcers were in Spanish, so Eva understood. They had pretty good internet, so I was able to update the blog. We had been 9 days on the beach with not cell phone reception, so everyone was glad to get connected again.

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