After our walk we drove the van over to the restrooms and took showers and then headed east. We then started our way home, but plan on taking 3 days to get there.

We drove on highway 299, east from the coast, to Redding. The drive was through more forests and hills. The highway followed the Trinity River. It is a very beautiful area. We stopped at a river beach to eat lunch. I drove down close to the river and got the van stuck in the sand. It was not too bad, I just put it in 4WD and drove out of the sand.

We ate lunch and watched the river. It started raining again while we were eating lunch and continued to rain for most of the day. While we were driving that day through the mountains we were stopped at least 5 times for construction, and once for an accident. I think we were stopped for a total of 2 hours, waiting on the road to open up.

In Redding we gassed up the van and as we were leaving the outskirts of town, we remembered that we wanted to find somewhere to get internet. Eva pulled up the Church Tools app and it found the closest chapel, which we were 20 seconds from passing the exit. The church was only 1/4 mile from the exit. We parked outside the church and got a good WIFI signal. We even FaceTimed Rosie, Everett and Chandler.

We ended up camping near Lassen Volcanic National Park. The spot was only 1/2 mile from where we camped last week. We just wanted to try a different spot that was next to the creek. The rain continued through the night, so we were stuck in the van for the evening.

It rained throughout most of the night. We left camp around 9 am. We had planned to stop and do another hike at the Lassen National Park, but it was still raining.

We continued through the California forests, but as we got closer to Nevada, the terrain turned to more open space and sagebrush. We stopped in Reno for gas and to eat lunch at Super Burrito. I think it was an okay burrito, but not a super burrito.

Since there is nothing in Reno, but casinos, we continued east on I-80. Around 5 pm we stopped at a campsite in Water Canyon, just 4 miles south of Winnemucca. Even in Nevada it was raining off and on, so everything was wet and muddy when we set up camp. We spent the evening reading in the van.

Tonight is the last night of our trip, and I am pretty sad. It has been a lot of fun for us. This is the longest trip that we have ever been on together.

In the morning we left camp around 8:30 am. We continued to drive east on I-80. We made a stop at the California Trail Center that is outside of Elko. We were there for over an hour. I was surprised at how nice this place was and the number of exhibits about all the trails that went west.

We pulled off at a desolate off-ramp in Nevada to eat lunch and then were back on the road. Our next stop was at the Air Force Museum in Wendover, UT. This is the location where the Enola Gay was stationed when they were training for the drop of the atomic bombs in Japan.

Our final stop was at the Bonneville Salt Flats, just east of Wendover. I have never been there, so we drove a few miles out on the salt to experience the rock, hard salt surface.

From there it was about 2-1/2 hours to get home. We had no problems for the final leg of our trip.

Our trip was 18 days/17 nights. We drove 3150 miles through 4 states. We ended up paying for 4 nights at campgrounds (mostly to get access to showers), but the rest of the nights were free. We visited 5 national parks and a few monuments and state parks.

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