Late last night, after dark, another camper drove into the area and parked near our camper. The campsite was at the end of the road, so there was nowhere for them to turn around. They were pretty quiet and it looked like they were in bed within a few minutes of parking.

The next morning we talked with them. They were Lux (from Germany) and Charolette (from South Africa). They had a cool little camper on a Volkswagen 4×4 truck and were traveling the world. They have been on the road for 140 days so far. They started in Germany and traveled north to Belgium. From Belgium, they shipped their camper to Halifax, Nova Scotia. Once in Canada, they traveled across Canada and the northern US all the way to Seattle. Where they decided it would be cheaper to take a cruise to Alaska then ferrying their vehicle to Alaska. Now they are traveling down the western US into Mexico, and then all the way to the tip of South America. We talked with them for about an hour, after which we all left the camp.

From camp we went to the Redwoods visitor center in Smith River Canyon. They gave us guidance on where to go. The Redwood National and State Parks are made up of 4 separate parks they do share some borders, but are mostly spread down 50 miles of the California coast. We started in the Jedediah Smith Redwood State Park. This park has a lot of old-growth coastal Redwoods. Many are thousands of years old and are up to 300 feet tall. We went on several hikes through the redwood groves. After hiking we drove the van down a narrow dirt scenic route through the park into Crescent City.

In Crescent City we stopped at Walmart for food and internet. We then checked out the visitor center there and planned what to do tomorrow.

The best option for camping was near the area where we camped the night before, but not on the main road. We went down a side road and found an open gravel pit area to camp. It was nice to be in an open and sunny area. It allowed us to raise the camper top and dry things out.

By the time we found out campsite, it was around 5 pm. This is early compared to the other nights. We ate dinner and relaxed the rest of the night.

The night went real well. It didn’t rain at all in the night and it was very quiet. Until morning. Around 8 am, some lady and a kid parked 30 yards away from us and started target shooting. Fortunately we were almost ready to go, so we finished packing up and left. It also started to rain again. An it pretty much rained the rest of the day.

We drove back to Crescent City and continued south down the California coast. The next part was Prairie Creek Redwood Park. There was a very nice scenic drive through a lot of large redwoods. We stopped and looked at the trees and went on a few hikes. This is the location of the “Big Tree”, although they say there are a lot of bigger trees in the park. This “Big Tree” is close to the road, so it is easy to get to.

After we explored that park we started looking for a place to camp. It was still early, but it looked like rain again, and it has been difficult to find a spot. All the campgrounds in the national parks have been full, so we went to a county park that is on the coast. We wanted to spend one night on the coast where we could hear the ocean. The spot we could find was on a fresh water bay, but the ocean was just over a sand dune. We could hear the ocean waves for about 10 minutes after we parked, but then it started raining. And it rained hard for the rest of the evening and into the night. We were joking the lagoon was going to overflow and flood our campsite. That is how hard it was raining.

We stayed in the van and had spaghetti for dinner.

The next morning the rain had stopped for a while, so we walked along the lagoon and over to the ocean beach. We saw a family of otters in the lagoon and a lot of waves in the ocean.

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