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Sept 30, 2021

We were a little slow getting up in the morning, but we left camp around 9 am and drove east to Pagosa Springs. This was another pretty town in the Colorado mountains. The San Juan River flows through the old part of town and there were several hot springs along the banks of the river. We found a very nice pool and soak in the hot water for a while. The weather was pretty good, but overcast, so the water felt good. We stayed for about an hour.

After dressing we did a short walk along the river walk past all the free hot springs, and we could see the hot spring resorts across the river.

As we were leaving Pagosa Springs the rain started and kept rain for most of the afternoon. The highway east took us over Wolf Creek Pass at 10,800 feet. It was another very pretty drive with the changing colors of the leaves. 

After descending from the pass, the valley became very flat was was full of farms. We drove across the valley to the edge of the next mountain range. Just at the edge of the mountains was the Great Sand Dunes National Park. The park has the highest dunes in the US. We got there around 4 pm, but also just as the clouds and wind moved in. We drove to the dune area and walked about halfway to the big dunes. But the wind was blowing cold and hard, so we took a few pictures and then went back to the van.

We found a camping stop about 18 miles south of the park in some BLM ground. It was still windy and cold so we stayed in the van the rest of the evening.

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