Jan 24-27, 2021

We left KOFA around 10 am and drove back into Quartzite. This gave us a chance to dump the PortaPotti and drive to town. We parked in the church parking lot to access the WIFI so we could get online to watch our church service. Just as we pulled into town, the rain started coming down hard and we had a few minutes of hail/rain. 

After leaving Quartzite we drove the 2 hours to Phoenix to spend a few days with Hilda. It was nice to sleep in a real bed, take a real shower. and hang around with Hilda for a few days. Another reason, for us to be glad we stayed at Hilda’s house, is the weather turned cold and wet. It rained most of the day Monday and Tuesday. There was some hard rain and hail on Monday afternoon, so we were glad to have a house to stay in.

On Monday evening we did drive south about 40 miles to Chandler to visit Alan, Jinhee and the twins. They gave us some oranges and grapefruit from trees in their yard. We also took Hilda and Justin out to dinner on Tuesday night.

Wednesday we left Hilda’s house before noon and drove south towards Tuscon. It was a sunny day, but still cooler than we were hoping for. We stopped at the Casa Grande Ruins National Monument, in Coolidge AZ.

These are the ruins of a community that was built over 700 years ago. However, the Ancestral People had been residing in the area for 1000 years before that. The Casa Grande (Big House) was covered with a steel roof to protect it, but there were ruins of the walls and other buildings. There are even the remains of a ball stadium/court where the people recreated.

We only had about an hour to visit the monument before it closed, but it was worth the visit. We continued south towards Tuscon, but camped for the night in Ironwood National Forest. As we drove into the cactus forest, we drove past one of the airplane storage locations in the area. Visitors are not allowed, but we took a few pictures over the fence.

We had setup camp before dark and Eva made fideo for dinner.

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