Jan 21, 2021

Last night was our coldest night of the trip. We were camped at about 5,000 feet and it got down to 27 deg. With the electric blanket we were not too cold, but my head got cold.

We took our time to get moving in the morning, but were back on the highway around 10:30 am. We were excited to drive further south and hopefully warmer weather. We drove through Las Vegas and Henderson and continued south on highway 95. We got to our campsite on Lake Mohave around 1 pm. Lake Mohave’s elevation is about 550 feet, so it was much warmer. 

We had a great spot on the edge of a semi-circular beach. Our spot was on a small peninsula at the very end of the beach. This camp area probably fills up with 80-90 campsites in the summer, but there were only 10 other campers spaced out around the beach.

I was surprised how beautiful this lake is. The lake is fed by the Colorado River from Lake Mead. I am used to seeing the river as a muddy brown water passing through Moab, but the water in the area we camped was crystal clear. I imagine in the summer the area is packed with swimmers. We thought it would be a great spot to have the family at in the summer, but it is a little far for everyone to drive.

We enjoyed the perfect weather for the afternoon and evening. The cove we are camped in is full of all types of ducks that fly and swim in the area. The ducks are well trained, as soon as we parked and got up, they swam up looking for food. But we didn’t have lunch ready, so they left. They did come back several times throughout the evening.

When we parked earlier that day, we were only about 3 feet from the waterline. Late that night we heard water lapping at the shore. It sounded real close. We peeked out the window and could see the water had risen up the shore about a foot. Now we understood why the ground under our camp was all wet. We thought we may have to move camp in the middle of the night. I checked online and read that Lake Mead increases water output each night. This raises Lake Mohave about 3-4 inches, which at our site was about 1-2 feet up the shoreline. The water then recedes in the morning.

After the research we were able to go to sleep, but I did wake up a few times to check the water level. By morning the water level was back to normal.

Jan 22, 2021

We left camp and drove into Laughlin for gas and a stop at Home Depot. We continued south on highway 95 and camped in an area where we camped last year in Craggy Wash, just north of Lake Havasu.

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