Jan 19, 2021

We made the bumpy trip from camp back to the highway. We aired the tires back up to highway pressures at the gas station and then drove into the southern part of the park.

The first stop was at the Keane Wonder Mine site. Much of the old mining structures were preserved, along with an aerial tramway that carried the ore from the mine to the mill. The Keane Wonder mine was one of the more successful mines in the area and pulled more that one million dollars of gold out of the mountain. For this reason it was known as the ”King of the Desert”.

We next stopped at the historic site of a borax mine (Harmony Borax Works) before continuing to the Furnace Creek visitor center. We were able to get cell phone reception again and we spent some time taking care of business.

A lonely coyote walked by the visitor center’s parking lot while we ate lunch.

Afterwards we headed to Zabriskie Point and took some pictures. It was quite a windy day, so we then decided to find camp a little early and drove a bumpy road up Echo Canyon about 3 miles, to an okay spot in the dry wash. It ended up being 4 pm by the time we set up camp and the sun was set by 4:30 pm.

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