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September 24, 2020

We took our time getting up in the morning, but we were driving by 9 am. It was time to turn west and head for home. We drove south from our campsite to Custer, SD and then turned west and headed into Wyoming. Our path was on the backroads and county highways that took us through many small Wyoming ranching towns. We stopped for gas and lunch in Wheatland, WY and then continued to Saratoga, WY, which is near Rawlings, about 20 miles south of I-80.

In Saratoga they had the Hobo Hot Springs. These hot springs are developed into two concrete pools with sandy bottoms. One was very hot, around 115 degrees, and the other was around 100 degrees. We talked to a local guy who told us the springs were donated to the city with the stipulation that they never close and they always have to be free. So they are open 24/7. Due to Covid the locker room and shower was closed, but the springs were open. There were only 10-12 people at the springs while we were there.

We stayed at the springs for about an hour, then drove back north of town about 4 miles to a campsite near the North Fork of the Platte River. It was a very nice spot and we both took showers before going to bed. 

September 25, 2020

It was pretty quiet, until around 6 am when all the cows in the area started mooing. That woke me up. We left camp around 9 am and pretty much drove straight home. We stopped in Green River for lunch and then continued home, arriving around 4 pm.

Trip Stats

12 Days

2120 Miles

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