Jan 16, 2020

Today was a down day with no travel. We just hung around camp or walked down on the beach. I did what I could to repair the brake caliper. It will have to hold until we get to town to find a bolt.

Eva and I walked about a mile down the beach and we found live clams everywhere. Since Eva would not eat them, I broke open a few and the seagulls got an easy meal. Later in the day a group of 7 clam fishermen came and start gathering them from the beach. They each need to collect 35 dozen clams for the day. They then take them to Santa Rosalita to sell. Tino went to them and bought a dozen for 120 pesos. He plans on having clam for dinner tonight.

We all had showers in the shower tent, so everyone feels clean. Everyone but Deb. She took a dip in the ocean to get clean. She said it was warm, but since she was from Canada I don’t know I can trust her on that. It was probably warm for her.

For dinner, Eva made Chicken Pasta Alfredo. It was good as usual. Most meals we end up with enough leftovers for another meals, so she only needs to cook every other day. Later that night we had another campfire.

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