Oct 24, 2012

This morning we landed on the island of Cyprus. We got on a bus that had a Greek Cypriot guide. She sounded just like the father from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” movie. She kept telling the source of words and how they all came from the Greek words. Also, she could not hide her disgust with the Turks. But she did a pretty good job with telling the history of her Island.

We went to Pafos and saw some ruins from the 1st century BC. It was the church where the Apostle Paul was lashed 39 times for preaching Christianity, as described in Act 13. There were also ruins at the same site from the 1200s and 1400s. There was an operating Catholic church that was built in the 1600s.

We then went to a ruins site where there were a lot of floor mosaics. They were pretty good shape given the age of the floors. The mosaics were near the sea shore so we ate lunch at a dockside restaurant. After eating we shopped at the markets along the boardwalk. Eva bought herself a little bracelet.

When we got back to the ship we ate dinner with a ship’s officer. We had signed up for the drawing and they picked our name. We ate with the ship’s safety officer, Michael Christie from England. We also had two sisters from Canada at our table. It was pretty interesting to talk with him.

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