July 24, 2018

Today was a day at sea. We slept in until after 8 am. After getting up we walked/jogged a mile on the track and then we ate breakfast. The rest of the day we did nothing. We found a round lounge bed that was on the top deck in the front of the boat. We slept and read while laying out on the lounge. We just moved the bed around as the sun got higher in the air. We did a lot of reading. Later in the day we dressed up and ate dinner in the nice restaurant and watched one of the show they have for entertainment.

Sunset at Sea
Dinner on the ship

July 25, 2018

This morning we docked in Tallin, Estonia. We met the tour group on the pier and rode a bus about 15 minutes to old town Tallin. The town is very old, having existed in the medieval times. There was an upper old-town and the lower old-town. The tour guide told us that Estonia has some of the oldest buildings in Europe. This was because the country was alway so poor that they couldn’t afford build modern buildings.

Old Town Tallin

We started in the upper town and walked past the churches and other old buildings. There was an overlook where you could see the rest of the town. There were at least 3 other cruise ships in the port and that made the town very crowded. There were thousands of people roaming around the area. Our tour guide was Ingrek, he was a younger guy who also worked as a journalist. The tour was about 3 hours and then we had about 1-1/2 hours of free time, but it took us that long to get lunch. We got back to the bus around 3 pm and went to an information session on Russia. Later that evening we ate dinner in the nice restaurant.

Estonia Parliament Building
Streets of Tallin
Lunch in Tallin

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