The next few posts are a recap of our cruise through northern Europe in the summer of 2018.

July 21, 2018

This morning was the first day of our cruise to the Baltic Sea. We left home at 6 am and Hannah drove us to the airport. The cruise itinerary is to leave from Copenhagen and cruise to the following ports: Warnemunde (Berlin), Germany; Tallin, Estonia; St Petersburg, Russia (2 nights); Helsinki, Finland; Nynashamn (Stockholm), Sweden and back to Copenhagen, Denmark.

The first leg of the trip was from SLC to New York City’s JFK airport. We got there around 2 pm and did not leave until about 11 pm. We were suppose to leave at 9:30 pm, but they were delayed multiple times. Every time I have flown into JFK, there has been a delay.

We sat in the plane, on the ground for about 1 hour, until we finally took off. This leg of the trip was to Copenhagen, Denmark. It was an overnight trip and but we did not sleep much. We got to Copenhagen around 1:30 pm and took the Norwegian shuttle to the port.

We found our room and hung around on the boat that night.

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