Last night after we set up camp, we had a couple of vans come to camp at the same spot, luckily we were here first. On the way out the next morning, we passed one van. It was parked on the side of the dirt road on a very non-level spot. I don’t know how they slept there.

We left camp just before 9 am and were parked in Cannon Beach by 9:15 am. We parked in town, but then we had about a mile walk along the beach to the Haystack Rock. I think this is the most famous rock on the Oregon coast.

It was a nice walk as the tide had just gone out, so the sand was nice a firm. It was a little foggy and breezy, but it was still a pleasant walk.

We took pictures around the rock. As we walked back to the van, we were glad we came early. We crossed a lot of people on the beach heading to the rock.

We looked around town for a little while and then we were back in the van to head further south along the coast. We stopped at a few of the overlooks and scenic points along the road.

We made it back to Tillamook around lunch time. We planned on stopping at the Tillamook Creamery, updating the blog and eating lunch, but there were no parking spots available. It was completely packed. After circling the parking lot 2 times we decided to go back to Blue Heron French Cheese Company, where we had camped a few nights ago. They have good internet and had the same Tillamook (Monster Cookie) ice cream.

After eating we needed to find a laundromat. We have been gone for 12 days and we ran out of clean clothes a few days ago. There was one in town and were able to fit everything into one load of wash and dry. It has been a long, long, long time since we had used a laundromat. It doesn’t look like anything has changed since then. There was a couple from Ohio that was also traveling. They had taken Amtrack from Ohio to Seattle, and had rented a car to see Washington, Oregon and California.

After laundry, we continued further south. We stopped at Rocky Creek State Park that overlooked the ocean. A lot of people were staring out into the ocean looking for whales. I think I may have seen one, but no one else saw it, so maybe it was a big wave.

Every night around 4-5 pm we start thinking about where to camp. We have an APP on our phones that show different campgrounds that people have stayed. It has a focus on free spots in the woods/deserts. That is how we have found most of our nightly campsites. However, sometimes the sites are either taken, or not a very good site. Other times, the description of the campsite and the path there are not very accurate.

Tonight we had some problems getting a site, but in the end we still ended up at a great spot. We followed the APP to the first two sites we thought would work for us, but at the first the road was gated and the second site was essentially a spot on the side of a hill. We kept going deeper and deeper into the forest. The road got narrower and it got darker. Finally after about 5 miles on a forest road we found a spot at the bottom of a steep hill. The trail is covered in loose shale, so we will probably need 4WD to get up and out of our spot. But it’s still a great spot and we will not have to worry about anyone bothering us.

Eva made Cubed Steak and Gravy using the Instant Pot. It was very good.

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