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We are on our first big trip with the van. We plan to be gone for 3-4 weeks, depending on how fast we go and how much we want to see. The plan is to go west on highway 50 (The Loneliness Highway in America) to Great Basin National Park. From there we will continue on highway 50 to Lake Tahoe.

We plan to stay a few days in Tahoe. From Tahoe we plan to continue northwest to Lassen Volcanic National Park and then further north to the Columbia River Gorge. At that point we will turn south and go down the coast of Oregon, stopping at the beaches and lighthouses.

We will continue down the coast into California and visit the Redwood State and National Parks. From there we will turn east and work our way back home. I am not too sure how long we will stay at each place or how long it will take to travel,so we will see how it goes. The agenda is pretty rough.

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